Celebration Of Homeland

Every Homeland

What Is Homeland?

Homeland is defined and understood in many ways.

The place of your birth. Where you allegiances are. Where the bones of your ancestors are buried. The essence of your culture, traditions, lifestyle and beliefs. Homeland is sacred to the citizens and merit preservation. How do you define HOMELAND?

Every Homeland is Blessed 

They also have designated royalty levels

Royalty in terms of traditional designations of power, governance, authority and privileges noted by class, caste, and hierarchy systems. These groups generally exhibit varying levels of deference to lower classes or levels of people and groups within their social structure. 

Understanding national Homeland definitions can also be determined by The Power Elite as noted in the 1956 book by sociologist C. Wright Mills who called attention to the interwoven interests of national  leaders within the military, corporate and political elements of their society. Mills suggested that ordinary citizens were relatively powerless subjects in the national power tradition. Who makes decisions for the masses in your homeland? Who controls media and what you can view and read? How are dissidents treated and civil conflicts resolved? 

Homeland is the Country on your T-Shirt and the Flag that you Wave

Homeland like family belongs to us, defines who we are and is worth protecting. When people sense that their homeland stability is disrupted, they cannot feel secure and many act out in ways that fight back against perceived threats. Are we listening to homeland citizens? Homeland is finding out what works to bring homeland residents under the same flag, same allegiances, same survival commitments and same unity of purpose. Homeland is love of self and others, respect self and others and understanding homeland principles.  Homeland is also appreciating the diversity that makes your homeland your own.
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The expressed purpose of this website is to educate. Images used are for the purpose of teaching viewers about homeland values as demonstrated around the world
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Hate Divides 
Division Leads To Destruction
Love One Another Means ...
RESPECT Those In Other Groups As We Want Our Group Treated 
Treat All Fairly

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