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Homeland Rules
What does homeland mean to you?

Every Homeland Has Rules Understanding Homeland Rules Will Save Our World

As in every civilization, homeland is maintained by rules. Rules are based on principles deemed proven as guidelines for successful governance. They are drawn from respected philosophical ideals. History serves as a respectable guide. The so called Laws of Nature rarely misguide. And of course, religion and belief systems have been influential for moral value setting about how to treat one another. Homeland Rules are drawn from all of these basics. When they are disregarded chaos, corruption, domination of others, wars, genocide and invasions ensue with convenient justifications as just normal life. There is explanation for what we see in the world today.

One of the greatest violations of Homeland Rules is Globalization Overstep.  What started as a healthy interdependence on world systems in commerce, opening doors to diversity and leaders partnering for the benefit al all, has become loss of Homeland ownership in deference to acting like the world belongs to everybody or the open borders ideology. What native citizens are TOLD to believe is in variance to what they actually believe. Patriotism and Nationalism are associated with BAD behavior, Zelophobia and Anti-Diversity bias. WHY?

The World is not just the West. Homeland Rules apply to Every Homeland, Every village and tribe. Groups like nations own thie culture; language, dress, history, traditions, belief systems and way of life. When forces to change to please other groups they will fight back. They are culturally sovereign. How can the world community get along. Simple answers.

Understand Homeland Rules    Love    Respect   Practice Golden Rule   Do No Harm To Others

All people regardless of nationality view the world through the eyeglasses of their identity group. This is the first truth in the challenge for equitable and harmonious race relations. The most natural aspect of survival is defense of your group against all others. It is the sworn oath and obligation of national leaders to make this priority in all things. A truth for all living beings.


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Every Homeland is unique but has one main responsibility, to preserve the land and inhabitants.

Every Homeland is enriched with sufficient resources for maintenance and growth.

Every Homeland is sovereign and owned by indigenous natives, the people planted there by God.

Every Homeland is governed by leaders charged to serve the Homeland's best interests, to maintain balanced growth and to protect the environment. 

Every Homeland selfishly regards their nation and their people by priority standards over others termed foreign.

Every Homeland devises governance laws, rules and belief systems to control their people and solidify power positions. They create internal and external defense systems  to answer perceived threats to the Homeland. They establish allies in the best interests of Homeland survival. 

Every Homeland is immersed in a developed culture that is taught to every generation and claimed as their "Identity" by which the world knows them.

Every Homeland is ever evolving through invasions by foreign people and concepts

that activate changes to the structure, character and ideologies of the Homeland

Every Homeland is dependent  upon the services of their people for growth and survival. People are expected to use their knowledge, resources and talents as patriots to invest in the Homeland and display undying loyalty to the Homeland.

Every Homeland Resists Change

Homeland Truth

All immigrants come to GET

                                                   GET..... freedom

                                                   GET..... opportunities

                                                   GET..... benefits

                                                   GET..... better life

Giving back is a by-product of gratitude

How do we justify our sense

of entitlement to another's Homeland?