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How To Bomb Your Nation

These are proven methods 

A Double Minded Nation Is Unstable, Divide And Destroy

  • Allow citizens to pledge allegiance to other homeland flags

  • Undermine core values and traditions that unified the nation

  • Invalidate respect and consideration of all citizens

  • Undermine national unity in favor to individual or group desires, interests, powers and privileges

  • Undermine nationalistic symbols like the flag, pledges and songs that encourage patriotism

  • Openly disrespect leadership offices regardless of person in that office

  • Discredit elected leaders holding partisan views

  • Undermine defense systems including military, local and national security, police, border agents, etc

  • Distrust the credibility of government agents teaching attributes of corruption

  • Do not teach national history unless it flatters ancestors

  • Resist truths that reflect historical facts, good and evil

  • Dismantle other’s historical truths and destroy monuments that offend today

  • Undermine standards of decorum and respectable dress and presentations based on moral codes

  • No need to honor parents, allow children free expression including disrespect of adults, teachers, administrators, police and authority figures

  • Reduce opportunities for citizen expression rights

  • Encourage ethnic stereotypes and labels to validate relationships

  • Dispose of traditions as “old” ways, outdated and adopt progressive individual wants

  • Put non-citizen desires before citizen entitlements

  • Make citizen-mandatory service to homeland optional

  • Overlook how much money made in the homeland leaves to build other homelands

  • Anything Goes! Normalize do as you desire as a right and your homeland will stand for nothing

  • Make unequal the standard in justice, employment, social services, representation, education, expression, access to resources and justify wealth gaps

  • No need for reparations to correct wrongs of ancestors or those done today

  • Control outlets of public information sharing and present truths that support agenda goals

  • Tell citizens what you want them to know and withhold anything else

  • Create more homeless, poor, disadvantaged and blame them for not doing the right thing

  • Beginning at birth, give authority to youth to dictate entitlements that they want

  • Open borders and set no boundaries

  • No national language, culture, value system, defer to ethnic enclave nationalism

  • Charge religion with control of masses to assist societal maintenance, and leave God out of it

  • Redefine marriage and family as controlling, restrictive, imposing and detrimental to individual advantageous goals; delay or eliminate the institution

  • Justify invasion as a noble standard of behavior and call it globalization and diversity

  • Make it okay to invade sovereign states for your purposes, but cry foul if invasioned

  • Dominate media messages with hopelessness and hate

  • Insure that political parties act as adversaries on most issues

  • Teach getting “more” as standard of success; more money, fame, luxuries, followers, vacations, servants, power, homes, property, respect, authority, attention, etc

  • Make love of money the primary goal of life rather than teaching love, respect and to do no harm to others rules

  • Insure that the answer to the following questions are negative: Who do you trust? Who can you believe? Who do you respect? Who has your best interest in mind? Which political party speaks for you?

Check the list in your homeland

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