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Every family wants the BEST life for the people that they love

Every person wants the BEST opportunity to succeed


Nations are NOT equal in access to the BEST

What Do You Bring?

Talents, Gifts, Culture and desire to contribute to the new homeland

A desire to learn the ways of the homeland and assimilate

Service to the homeland in any way that you are able 

I want to make this my new homeland

I will respect the citizens of this homeland and not bring dishonor to this privilege of inclusion by taking advantage of your people or disrespecting your laws and customs

I will learn your history to know and understand this homeland 

According to your laws, I will take care of myself and my family who came with me so that I am not an expense to your homeland                    

                                     I come in peace!

What Do You Take?

I have little to bring, I came to take because we don't have such things in my homeland

I take benefits meant for others, which is telling them to move over, sacrifice and accommodate me and my family

I send money home to my real homeland

I take jobs and reduce livelihood of your citizens because I can

I claim rights and privileges designated for certain groups because I look similar to them

I demand that my language be accommodated at your expense

I came to profit from your homeland's natural resources

Before I get to know your people and history, I will run for office and speak for you as though I know you

                                       I take entitlement!

Homeland is altered by many factors including migration and immigration

Who Benefits?

You decide

Who Loses?

You decide

Homeland is responsible to citizens to answer these questions correctly

Kennedy Quote.jpg

President John F. Kennedy

35th President of the US

Your Homeland (not just USA) Discussion Questions

Should homeland resources be reserved for citizens there - ONLY?

How are "other groups" and "other people" living there treated in your homeland?

Is Global community acceptable and welcoming of people from around the world settling there?

How does a global economy benefit all homelands?

Do global based homelands open doors for understanding each other? 

Is world peace realistic given homeland identity and self interests?

Do you believe that different groups are inherently prone to their self interests and therefore will always be in conflict?

Do you have laws regarding how long tourist can visit and laws for their removal if they overstay?

Homeland often protects employment and jobs for citizens. Does your homeland enforce employment rights?

Do citizens often dream of leaving your homeland? WHY?

Are people hired there that send money out of your homeland?

How much money is sent out of or sent into your homeland each year?

Should people work in one country for many years and return "home" to retire?

Has it ever been morally right for invaders, even those a thousand years ago, to take over another homeland?

Should new citizens of a homeland demand major cultural and legal changes without consenting long term citizens?

Should first generation citizens run for President or supreme ruler of their new homeland?

Can birthright citizenship be dangerous to the stability of a homeland?

Does jurisdiction mean under the authority of the parent/citizen homeland rather than were a child is born?

If governments intervene on behalf of citizens anywhere in the world, does that dictate "jurisdiction authority'?

How can you tell if a new citizen is truly committed to the new homeland or gaming the system?

Should vast amounts of homeland resources be controlled by citizens of another homeland?

Who are the native people of your homeland, the ones with no other homeland or the indigenous people?

What is the economic and social status of the indigenous people in your homeland? Treated well?

Are children in your homeland encouraged to make friends with other races, ethnic and religious groups?

Do you believe that groups in your homeland are encouraged to stay to themselves and not blend?

Ethnic employers tend to hire those who look like them. Do they hire other group members in your homeland?

Is education in your homeland open to all or relegated to the privileged? 

What are the three best and three worst things about your homeland?

Who are the "betters" in your homeland, the ones who have the most and the best? Who are the others?

Are people assigned a homeland at birth to know acceptance by history, culture and legacy?

Do you believe that citizens should be able to find what they need to be satisfied in their own homeland?

Can you identify all the ways multiculturalism enriches the world?

Should America belong to the world?

You are really saying "If I could get this in my homeland, I would not come to your homeland."

Sometimes good people inadvertently and unintentionally cause regretful outcomes

that do untold harm to the people of another homeland.

Is that fair to the citizens of that homeland? Who should be held responsible?

Is it fair for citizens in one homeland to send their poor to another homeland for benefits?

Should every homeland follow the Golden Rule and not allow done in their homeland 

what they come and expect to be allowed them in another's homeland?

Just how green is their grass?

Is it greener than mine?

Perhaps you already live in your Promised Land

Promise Land Wealth - 30 Wealthiest Countries

  1  Qatar     2  Luxembourg     3  Singapore     4  Brunei Darussalam     5  Ireland     6  Norway     7  Kuwait     

 8  United Arab Emirates     9  Switzerland     10  San Marino     11  United States     12  Saudi Arabia     13  Netherlands

 14  Iceland     15  Bahrain     16  Sweden     17  Germany     18  Australia     19  Taiwan     20  Denmark     21  Austria

 22  Canada     23  Australia and New Zealand     24  Belgium     25  Oman     26  Finland     27  United Kingdom

28  France     29  Japan     30  Malta

Every Homeland is Bountiful 
Enriched with all that in needed to sustain the Nation

Take a look at the Nations presented. Look at beautiful people comfortable in their culture and traditions.

Look at the abundance and scarcity of natural resources and learn that those who have few are using them more responsibly than some given much.

God's love and EQUALITY is evident. 
What a nation does with their issue of "talents, gifts, resources" tells the history of service to and for their people.
Read their histories by selecting a country from the dropdown menu

Every Homeland
Richly provided with resources and adequate life sustaining tools. And people blessed with their own unique culture.
Select from dropdown menu for details

Every Homeland
Produces wealth regardless of the natural resources provided. It is belief in and love
of Homeland along with responsible leadership that make the difference.
Select from dropdown menu for details

Every Homeland is Beautiful
God gave awesome landscapes captured under glorious heavens full of promise. Graced the land with wondrous plants and animals, fowl, fish, and creatures to replenish the land.
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