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The world is well represented by the voices of immigrant heirs, benefactors of diversity policies and globalism advocates. What is rarely heard are the voices of non-immigrant natives, indigenous populations and sovereign citizens resistant to homeland changes that they do not impose. American Descendants of Slavery voices are assumed to sound like those of immigrants. They are not. American is their only homeland, with no known relatives elsewhere identified in the world. They too fight to preserve their familiar, their stake and their relevance in a changing country.

Our Homeland


This is where ADOS was created from people of other lands as well as natives here. American is our own, with our language, customs, cultures and traditions merged with those of other Americans.  We belong here where we built this nation.

How Long?

There has been a tendency for immigrants to America to tell ADOS or wish us to go "home" to Africa.  We ask them "where your people here during slavery?" OURS WERE!

Your Entitlement?

Not being an immigrant or having any in my family,  I'd like to know how one decides to come to another's homeland and decide that the things build up by my people are okay to have and give to your people?


I sometimes wonder if illegal immigrants and asylum seekers think "what if people came to my homeland and did this? We would kick them out! "

What are the Costs?

We know that everything has costs. Education, homes, cars, living well. We work to get better lives. Therefore, ADOS parents have a right to know the cost of education for nationals who enter their child's school, poor and needy and use funds appropriated for their child's education. IS THAT FAIR?

Ethnic Resentment

Most do not understand ADOS resentment of the costs paid for mass immigration that impacts our lives, wellbeing and wealth building.  It is assumed that ADOS is okay competing with the best from world populations that  displace us in our home.

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ADOS retire at home

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ADOS Voices
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ADOS have fought in every American war before and after slavery

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$150 Billion sent from USA 2017
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Black included African and Immigrants  5.0%

Objecting to seats awarded to ADOS in our homeland. Is that fair? 

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Note the dire forcast for ADOS - falling lower

Yet, politicians of many 
ethnicities tell us to
welcome diversity and competition. Cause we know all groups support their own.


When given a chance to go to Africa or a Black island, they claimed American citizenship in spite of .......


They did not run away, they did not see a better life in a homeland that was not their own.

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"My homeland is not a 'stop over' to amass fortunes for yourself. Did we not understand this from the pillaging done during colonialism? 

It is not Disney World, a great place to visit and stay and enjoy and go home to retire with you earnings."

       " I read in the news about billionaires produced in China, Africa, India, Mexico and other countries telling me that they have the means and resources to do this at home. Why do they feel entitled to come where we struggle to build wealth bringing their advanced skills to compete?


We don't go to their homeland

to take from them."  


There is an irony of thinking for immigrants that honor their homelands while leaving them. They continue to hold on and own "home" sending provisions there. Yet, they tell us that they do not understand  why natives in the new land express ownership of their homeland.

Message to future Asylum-Seekers

Make Leaders secure Homeland

and there will be no need to flee

"If ADOS has been in America for 400 years, and you have been here 30, 50 or 100 years, why do you think that you are equally entitled to the resources of our Homeland?"

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