Clarifying Homeland Principles

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Homeland is where cultures are embraced and Native people relate to each other in languages spoken and dress. Where traditions are understood based on shared history. Where ideologies and values are supported through lifestyle and national governance.


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Homeland is where we pledge allegiance to one flag, one constitution and one country.         Allegiance

Homeland is where you love, not just where you live.                                                    Not  Residence

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Homelands steeped in unequal standards of citizenship privilege and rights, such as caste systems, aristocracy, tribal dominance, etc. are invested in maintaining those structures wherever they reside. It is part of their culture and worldview.                                            Practice

It is far easier to exploit nations where you have no loyalty or allegiance to the people.                                                     Loyalty

If you give and receive privileges, bonuses and consideration to people within your own group, then you are denying the same to other group members.                                                                                                                                  Favoritism 

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Homeland Hate Divides    Division Destroys
A Nation Divided Falls
Homeland is Legacy 

We All Need A Homeland, Even An Imperfect One 

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Homeland In the news

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